Consulting Eve

“Consulting Eve aims to connect students interested in consulting with the right companies”

Consulting Eve

During an exciting and dynamic evening, consulting companies and KTH students can interact and discuss about the different opportunities in the vast world of consulting. We will explore a wide spectrum of consulting companies, ranging from small to large and applied in different fields. What distinguishes Consulting eve is the very creative type of student and company interactions that we create.

Consulting Eve team

Erik Svensson

Project Manager

Erik is a fourth-year student at the Mechanical Engineering programme and is currently pursuing a mechatronics master. Likes to think big and challenge himself , hence his dedication to Consulting eve.

His  main interests lie within machine learning, computer vision and embedded systems, the long term goal is to lead and develop projects in within in a combination of the fields.

Thujeepan Varatharajah

Sales Manager

Thujeepan is a fifth year Computer Science student, currently pursuing his master studies. He likes to work in creative spaces, and has a huge sense of curiosity which aims well with Consulting Eve. He has a keen interest in fields of HCI, and is also an avid follower of current trends in the world of IT and understanding them further.

Christoffer Olsson

Logistics manager

Christoffer is in his fourth year of his Mechanical Engineering studies, currently enrolled in his masters within Mechatronics. Being passionate about development and sustainably designing our future, he is combining technical studies with leadership and management studies to have a thorough understanding of how to actualize an idea from concept into a working product.

Noemie David-rogeat ​

Marketing Manager

Noémie is a third year exchange student at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) studying Medical Engineering. Besides her studies, she is active in various associations within the campus, from the Student Nobel Nightcap to International Reception.

About Us

Consulting Eve 2018 is organized to bring insight into the consulting business. Building on the success of previous year, we are expanding to allow more companies to give a glimpse of the inner workings of consultancy in order to spread knowledge of the profession. Eligible students will enjoy a full evening at KTH on May 24th interacting with some of the best companies in the business, creating lasting impressions and relations.


The project allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the consultancy role by gaining insights from experienced consultants at merited companies. The participating companies are allowed to engage with students and build meaningful relationships that opens up the possibilities for students to associate their future consultancy career with said companies. The deep contact the students get with companies is the distinguishing factor of consulting eve and acts as an important aspect of all our work.

Our Core Values


Our passion and commitment towards our long-term objectives is the overriding factor that provides the fortitude required to “stay the course” and deliver the great results, amid challenges and setbacks.


The efficiency of the team is far more valuable than the performance of single individuals, our entire organization is built upon the diversity of experience and knowledge of all our collaborating students, their knowledge is our knowledge which we develop and sustain for the years to come. We value acceptance and the contributions of all, blending the skills and thoughts of individuals to do more with less.


We constantly seek to learn from companies, our committed students and other projects. We challenge the norm and say what we think to present new approaches apart from the prevailing assumptions. We don’t sit idle during new circumstances but act from an open-mind perspective supported by our experience and our differences.

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Consulting eve

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