2nd - 8th May 2018

Green Week

Green Week is a sustainability oriented event organized annually for students by students.


Cinnober: Lunch Speed Meeting

6th March 12:00 - 13:00

Cinnober is the financial technology company with Swedish roots. We contribute to fair and safe financial markets by developing systems and services that manage risk and facilitate trading in virtually anything that can be bought or sold on an exchange.

Lunch Lecture with Sveriges Ingenjörer

3 march 17:00

Do you want to have the protection from the strongest engineering association in Sweden? Sveriges Ingenjörer is the country’s largest network for graduate engineers. With around 150 000 members, they are a strong association with resources that enable them to make a difference.

Our GOAL is to create a meeting place for both professionals and students interested in sustainable development in different fields. This year’s edition is only the second time Green Week is organized and we hope to spread the word about the initiative and make an even bigger impact.


We, as Green Week team, believe in the high importance of sustainability in today’s business world. We want to encourage discussion about corporate sustainability and raise the awareness of sustainable practices in different sectors among KTH students. We hope to inspire them and improve their understanding of the topic to find solutions to both current and future environmental, economic and social challenges and build greener societies. 

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Our Team

Martyna Solis

Project Manager

Martyna Solis

Final year Master’s student in Sustainable Energy Engineering at KTH. Worked at four energy related companies and was involved in several large scale industrial projects. She is no stranger to project management and sustainable energy solutions. Passionate about bioenergy and waste-to-energy technologies.

Waleed Aldajani

Waleed Aldajani

Has a major in Sustainable Energy Engineering and more than 3 years of experience in working with various energy systems. Strongly interested in green buildings and district energy. Believes in a greener future where all people have access to food, clean water and peaceful shelter.

Kasra Khatami

Kasra Khatami

Final year Master’s student in Chemical Engineering for Energy and Environment at KTH. Comes from an academic family and wants to become a researcher as well. Passionate about waste water and methods to produce fuel out of it. Always looks for opportunities to make an impact.

Frithiof Ekström

Frithiof Ekström

First-year student in Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH. Particularly interested in how the concept of a circular economy can be incorporated in businesses to promote sustainability and improve profitability at the same time.

Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson

First year student in Industrial Engineering and Management. Worked as a salesperson selling environmental friendly technical products. Wants to help companies achieve growth by implementing sustainable solutions. Strong believer in a future where the most successful and most profitable companies will be truly green.

Tova Billstein

Tova Billstein

Second year student in Energy and Environmental Engineering at KTH. Her passion for our planet and its future continues with her involvement in Green Week, where she'll use her project skills learned from arranging events such as the reception of her chapter to help keep the discussion of sustainability going at KTH.

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