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THS Future, former THS Näringsliv, aims towards creating awareness about which career will be most suited for students. We are a natural link between the student and companies. To make this a reality we create events throughout the whole year with different themes, with the vision to adapt our organization to all of KTH’s students!

The Management Team engages 10 students and each individual will have a team of their own!

As a part of THS Future Management Team 17/18 you will take part in a growing organization. Being able to improve your leadership, sale skills and put use to your creativity. Throughout the year we will make sure you develop as a person, giving you the proper training with different external partner. THS Future will give you much more, having our own office space in Nymble and Nymble itself for your disposal, sky is the limit!

If you are interested in taking part in THS Future’s Management Team 17/18, you can read about our different roles below!

Last day to apply 4th of June.

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Joel Henriksson Larsson
Head of Business Relations 16/17
Jonas Rechreche
Head of Business Relations 17/18
  • Deputy Head of Business Relations

    “My role as the deputy head of business relations has involved coordination of projects and budget responsibility. The project coordination has included guidance of project managers from the first day of their role to the last day of project execution.

    This involves guidance in project management, project planning, setting up mile stones and creating a project team. A part of this was also management of interviews for project teams’ recruitment.

    During the projects my role was to consult and make sure that the managers, together with their teams, reach their project goals. Each project had a set budget goal that should have been reached by the end of the project.

    My responsibility was to make a plan, together with the managers, of how the set budget should be reached. This involved planning the prices of each project’s events and setting. Another responsibility was to book all incomes and expenses of each project.

    I have gained experience during my year, which I will have great use for in my future career. This was my final year out of three with THS Future, and it has been a great journey!”

    – Kristina Stojanovic

    If you are interested in the role as Deputy Head of Business Relations, send in your application below.

  • Head of Communication

    “Strategizing the marketing for a student association is so much like marketing for a firm. We were really fortunate to have the right resources, support and crowd to help me shape the strategies. A lot of my work was related to social media marketing, coordinating with the creative team and implementing external marketing.

    Coordinating between Art director and Head of IT was another big task of the role. The right messages needed to be conveyed to them which helped us reflect what we as a brand wanted to put out there.

    All in all it’s a role which suits the bold, marketing or branding is such a task which is best done with a style of its own. The brand then becomes your style or at least what style you give it. I was very pleased with this role and I think it suited me the most. It’s a bit about managing, planning and lot about putting the right content with the right way.”

    – Vishal Baid

    If you are interested in the role as Head of Communication, send in your application below.

  • Project leader of Green Week

    “Interested in the practicalities – the challenges and benefits – of implementing sustainable initiatives in the industry? Want to spread the knowledge about the complexity and manifold dimensions of sustainability?

    The aim of Green Week is to showcase and promote discussion of sustainable business strategies and technologies – not only in the engineering sector, but also management, banking, design, social workplace. By organizing seminars and case solving events, create an opportunity for companies to inspire students about their sustainability expertise and increase their credibility.

    You will be responsible for planning and managing the project all year long. Since this year will be just the second time for the project, you can explore several opportunities to make the events bigger and better! Create your own vision about the project, and inspire your team with your plan.

    As the Project Manager, your tasks will include recruitment of project members, overlooking logistics, sales and marketing and handling accounts. Since sustainability is not limited by geographical boundaries, practice delegation of tasks and improve your leadership skills as well as global competency by managing a team of international students.”

    – Aditi Bhasin

    If you are interested in the role as project leader of Green Week, send in your application below.

  • Project leader of REEF

    “Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Zuckerberg and you? Are you dreaming of running your own startup like these famous entrepreneurs?
    Want to gain managerial experience and lead your own team towards success? Maybe you need contacts within the world of entrepreneurship before your studies are over?
    Royal Entrepreneurial Enterprise Forum or REEF as you may know it, is now looking for an entrepreneurial student that can take the project to the next level.
    Leading REEF will practice the skills you will need in your future company so why not practice them in an educating environment.
    Except for leading your own recruited team from day one, you will be head of responsibility to reach a budget, following your plan and regularly be coached and advised by the Board of Advisory in which you will be elected after your year.
    We are very keen of REEFs vision and so will you be. Therefore, the Board of Advisory will make sure that your successor takes care of your legacy.
    Join the family of REEF together with THS Future and Excitera to make lifetime friends and create something that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. The project manager will be assigned as soon as we find the right candidate so step out of your comfort zone, apply and start creating your life from this moment.”

    – Ludvig Stillman

    If you are interested in the role as a project leader of REEF, send in your application below.

  • Project leader of RoS

    “As project leader of RoS you are responsible for planning and organizing the annual RoS-fair. The goal of RoS is to give students the opportunity to find a summer- and part-time job, with the purpose of earning valuable experience and extra money in their pockets.
    In this role, you will be able to develop your skills within leadership, administration and marketing. You will tailor your own team and delegate the tasks evenly. Since RoS will be the first project of the year, it is important to have a strong start in the beginning. You will also create a product portfolio together with your project team, which will be sent out to companies to present the different offers. There is also room for other events apart from the fair, such as lunch lectures. The future project leader will decide!
    Throughout the year, you will also get to meet several big companies in the business, and learn to sell an idea. Thus, you will expand your professional network as well. If you want are unsure what you want to work within and want to broaden your network in a more general way, then this is the right project for you to lead!”

    – Samantha Chen

    If you are interested in the role as a project leader of RoS, send in your application below.

  • Project leader of Konsultkvällen

    “Konsultkvällen’s aim is to present the many career opportunities which exists today within the consulting industry. The project also aims to give students a new, updated picture of the many roads to take after graduation. It is a unique opening for the companies to present themselves to the future stars of KTH, while the students get to broaden their network.
    As a project leader of Konsultkvällen you will plan and arrange a program for the night. This includes everything from what companies will be invited, what topics to be discussed during the night, as well as the lighter topics such as what dinner will be served. You will also learn more about selling your project to a company, and how to appeal to different customers for them to participate. Furthermore, you will lead a team of 3 (recommended number), which you will pick and choose yourself.
    Throughout the year, you will meet representatives from the many consulting firms, which will act as valuable contacts for the future. If you have interest in working as a consultant, this is the project for you to lead!”

    – Samantha Chen

    If you are interested in the role as a project leader of Konsultkvällen, send in your application below.

  • Project leader of Innovation Week

    The vision of Innovation week project is to create a platform were students can meet companies with a strong focus on R&D.

    We want to inspire students about innovative work in Swedish companies and make students familiar with how an innovative idea can become a product for the market.

    As the project leader for IW 17, I embarked on my mission by recruiting a project group who joined me in the goal of making IW 17 the very best.

    During this time, I have gained greater knowledge in everything from sales, to marketing and event planning. But mostly, I am grateful for the amazing people that I have met and how much I’ve grown on the inside.

    – Dilan Kaya

    If you are interested in the role as project leader of Innovation Week, send in your application below.

  • Art Director

    As an Art Director for THS Future you continue to build on the graphic profile of THS Future. It includes creating the material for our different projects, but also as THS Future as a whole.

    A very intriguing job, since we have rebranded our organization. You will be able to make an impact, the graphics are the first you notice! As an Art Director for THS Future you will have the possibility of creating your own style, incorporated into the core values of THS Future’s graphic profile.

    – Katia Archifos

    If you are interested in the role as art director, send in your application below.

  • Head of IT

    “As the Head of IT at THS Future you’ll develop websites for each project. The good thing with THS Future is that you have the freedom to select which framework and programming language you want to develop with. For the past year, we have only had one working with IT, but it might be relevant to have even more people working together with it.

    Throughout the year you’ll learn how to work in smaller groups to plan upcoming events etc. As an overall, it’s a valuable experience for you where you can learn new things and meet awesome people.”

    – Sebastian Persson

    If you are interested in the role as Head of IT, send in your application below.