Rekryting- och Sommarjobbsdagen

Jan 31

“An annual fair where students and companies meet to discuss summer job opportunities”


Our goal is to create a platform where students looking for summer jobs and part-time jobs can meet companies. RoS is the only student fair in Sweden focusing on this area, which makes it unique for both students and employers.

Connect with companies

RoS allows students to meet companies that propose rewarding summer jobs and part-time jobs. Students will get a chance to have a position in some top Swedish companies to get experience during a summer job. To sum it up, you learn while you earn.

Connect with students

If you are looking for a creative part-time employee to fill in a service, or an engaged student for a summer job, then RoS is the ideal place for you. RoS will allow you to hire excellent KTH students to work during the summer and/or to work part-time during the year. What’s new this year is that you can have direct interviews with students that you meet. 

Our team

Patrik Tiainen

Project Manager


Event dates

31 January

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