Work in Sweden

Feb 19 - Feb 25

“Everything you need to know about working in Sweden, we gather the most relevant companies and organisations for international students”

Work in Sweden

Most of the specialized scientific studies show that working in an international environment is both very productive for the company and very stimulating for the employees. This is why Work in Sweden wants to create a platform where the international students at KTH and companies can meet and together create a more diverse and productive environment.

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The biggest drawback for international students coming out on the working market in Sweden is the language barrier. It is often very hard to find companies that offer jobs in English. At Work in Sweden, you will be able to find only companies having job opportunities in English. At Work in Sweden, the fact of being an international student will become an advantage rather than a drawback.

Connect with students

The world is getting more and more connected. This puts pressure on companies to adapt and deal with different cultures and ways of working. What better way to adapt to this ever changing markets than hiring the best international students at KTH. With international students, you will both enrich the diversity of your teams and become more flexible on the international markets. 

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Nadia Gonzálvez

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Feb 19 - Feb 25

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